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The Man, The Legend 11-10-05 18:14
Let me begin by explaining that every word in this story is not of my own authorship, but passed down to me by the rumors and artifacts of my dormmates and contemporaries. You see, there was a man from a small town in Oregon which I will not name, but let me reassure you that the accuracy of this story cannot be questioned. This man was either named Daniel or Derek, but for the sake of narration, I will call him David, although this is not his true name by any means.

David was the sort of gent who never stayed far from adventure, although there really wasn't much adventure to be had in the continental United States, nonetheless he decided upon a journey. He designated many possible locations for the begining of his journey and sent out many letters to private benefactors in the far away lands. After receiving an anonymous donation from a man from the land of Lost Angels, David decided that this would be the finest location to start his journey.

A moon or two later he arrived via carrier transportation. The flight was uneventful but what happened when he set his robust foot on Californian soil was his greatest adventure. It has been called a true epic and by many the greatest story ever told. You'll have to ask him though, for I'm not going to tell it here.

My story is irremarkable by comparison, so I hope for both our sakes that you have not heard the former as of yet. If you have, I recommend you stop here and get dinner at a B graded restaurant instead. Tell them to put the meal on my tab, they'll give you a knowing nod.
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